While the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be new, the concept and research patterns are not new. The introduction of machine to human day-to-day activities since the industrial revolution could be seen as the first step in the journey of AI. The modern term of artificial intelligence is predominant among computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs and is presented as the ability of a machine to mimic human thinking patterns and act as an intelligent agent with learning and problem solving abilities.
Y2SaaS, with its parent company Y2Fox, is engaged in articulated scientific research processes to discover all possible cases based on every business management scenario imaginable where computer algorithms can be used as a factor to improve workers productivity while they are doing their day-to-day duties. Our unique approach is not to replace human contribution on the production line but to substantially improve their productivity.
Our first case study is with our two in-house developed solutions:

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • College and School Management System.

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