Your website is the face of your company, in which we present exactly what your website is to the world wide web. We have the tools and secrets to make your website site look great with a hypersonic download speed.


Not only can we help you be the proud owner of a superior website, we support the growth of website design at your company along with the changes in information technology. Redesign and upgrades go hand in hand with web development.

Y2saaS always uses the latest advances in the field of web development to deliver a website that keeps customer loyalties strong and secure.

For your intranet platform needs we are the experts you can consult with before making any decisions.

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Design / Support 

Microsoft SharePoint is one of leading Intranet, Team Site & Content Management Software tools from Microsoft. The application has an excellent user experience for worker collaboration and knowledge sharing. The application is released with several templates in support of many types of business functions. Our SharePoint development team is well equipped to tailor any of those native templates to meet the needs of your business. In addition, we provide SharePoint  full-time administration, hosting and backup/recovery services in the cloud or on-premise environment.







Open Text 

The young Canadian company providing Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software is enjoying its growth. While the company is far behind SharePoint, its users’ population is growing at a fast speed. Y2SaaS’ role is not to re-invent the wheel in areas we think that our customers already have great options. We would prefer to provide the best approach how our customers can benefit from their investment by providing high-quality market design, administration and support services based on CMMI Level 3 guidelines and recommendations.

Y2SaaS is a software development and support company. We understand what Open Text is all about. We know that Open Text software applications help manage content or unstructured data for large companies, government agencies, and professional service firms. We understand the core strength of Open Text which aims to address information management requirements, including management of large volumes of content, compliance with regulatory requirements, and mobile and online experience management.

Contact us for your design and support project. Our creative touch will make Open Text the most reliable knowledge sharing platform for your organization.



Free Consultation for Custom development or software shopping. 

Custom built  Knowledge management application; Learning Management system (LMS). Your organization may not feel comfortable with any of the known knowledge and collaborative software applications. No problem, we know software and we understand business. Contact us for a Free 30-minute consultation in order to make an educated decision.